Dennis Erisey, maintenance director, with his mother

By Dennis Erisey, maintenance director


I have been wanting to express my sincere gratitude to my Life Care family for some time.


It has been seven months since the passing of my friend, my mentor, my mom.


I have worked for Life Care for nine years now and have lots to be thankful for, but a gift like the one given to me and Mom from the Life Care family is one that I can never repay no matter how long or hard I work.


Mom’s physical health declined, and she needed the extra help of a long-term facility. The Gardens Court, where I work, is known for its short-term rehab, and for a long-term bed there is a waiting list. We eventually found her another place. It was very difficult for me to try to get there and visit.


Finally, with the help of my regional vice president, administrator and admissions director, we got her a bed at our facility. The many months I got to spend with Mom and see her every day lifted both our spirits.


How can I ever repay such a gift – the gift of time with my mom? I don’t know.


But I do know that sometimes the people you work with are more than just that. Sometimes they become family themselves. They share your joys and sorrows, your ups and downs.


To everyone involved: thank you, thank you, thank you!